6 Beach Bags to Wear This Season

So the long-awaited beach resort is just weeks away or if not yet on your calendar there still might be a chance to grab a lovely deal from a last minute travel site to book by late August or throughout a quieter month of September, so even if not yet there – it’s definitely time to think of packing! 

Bathing fits would be of course your primary choices to even think about a proper beach-looking luggage. That’s totally cool. However, have you thought of the one accessory which would be the 2nd most needed (just think about the shopping/meal-out pocket money a.s.o.) – where would these all be ‘hosted’? That’s it! Your lovely Bag:). While ‘surpfng’ the malls and their online counterparts – retailer’s fashion shopping destinations as well as most talked-about style magazines I’ve come with the below list for you to have a look/get quick and cosy inspirations from:

Firstly – welcome to the hot sands of Tenerife (my latest most-needed-long-awaited escape!):

Looking from the top of course:):
Wearing a functional beach bag (highly recommended as a must-have!):

As for the glamour-looks, a few options below:

1. A juicy peach tote bag from Victoria Beckham, +Victoria Beckham :


2. Marina Tote Bag from Michael Kors – quoted one of most wanted this season!, +Michael Kors :
Bagstowear_Michael_Kors_Beach_Tote_Bag - Copy
3. Couldn’t get pass this budget and yet chic Jelly Tote from +TED BAKER:
4. If classic white is your 1st go-to option have a look at the below from Careshive:
5. Not exactly a beach bag yet a cute summer inspiration from +Cath Kidston :
 5. Finally, if you wish to preserve the fresh and attach a smashy coulour touch to your light seen-at-the-beach look, the below palm green marina tote from +Michael Kors could well-be your option:
Bagstowear_Michael_Kors_Marina_Tote_Bag - Copy
That’s about it for now. Wish you ‘appy hollidays!! Bisou-bisou 

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