How to Wear Mint Green

Pastel Look: Mint Green Purse, Louis Vuitton

Along with the much desired weather update comes the need to get your creative hat on and start exploring new, fresh colour choices, which let’s face it – during the spring summer season could just be too many to take on..So what’s the short-term solution? Let’s just take these one step at a time:)

Today we’re in a colour crash mood which given the updated warmth in the air sways us for freshness and so – mint green is what comes to mind almost instantly! However, it’s not an easy fit, especially since being a warm yet light colour it could instantly uncover some of the areas you’d probably want leave out from the wider public eye unless you’ve completely worked your way through the gym task list this winter:)

Probably one of the least pretentious wardrobe items for this colour choice would be your accessory, such as a mint green bag. It should also come at no surprize if I’d remind you that these bags continue to rock this season’s catwalks, below is a match up view of a Louis Vuitton mint green bag with a ‘all white’ look, solid colour with an assertive statement for the season, never outdated:


Pastel Look: Mint Green Purse, Louis Vuitton

The combination of white and mint leads to the widely-acknowledged  “Mint to be” look. You can never go wrong pairing your mint pants, shorts or skirt with a white blouse, similarly above – a minty accessory with a white dress. That’s to say: whenever you have absolutely no idea about what colors go with mint green, simply stick to the purest color duo featuring mint and white.


Now let’s sum up a few of the wider look tips:

1. Mint goes with white, it’s simply the classic duo for whatever clothing item you’d prefer pairing up;

2. Ming goes with pink: most often combined would be your pink jacket with a pair of mint green trousers. Alternatively – a mint green summer dress with a pink clutch is more than just coquette, it’s undoubtedly stylish!

3. Mint goes with floral patterned jackets: these are a perfect pairing for a fancy dress in a matching color.

4. Wearing head-to-toe green is a gentle yet classy way to embrace mint. Pair it up with a pair of black classy shoes/pumps and a black all-occasions-fit tote.

5. An over-sized sweater matched up with a maxi-dress would work as a light yet gorgeous street style look, easy to wear and to turn heads round:)


Below are a few looks for you to check out:


Mint Green Purse, Scarf & Pullover

Purse goes neutral in favour of mint green coat, flats and T-shirt



Grey is used to balance up colour match ups between white and mint green

Final take-away.

Remember: minty fashion is everywhere, from clothing to accessories, from makeup to nail polish, and even walls in our homes are painted in this flirty color. So don’t worry getting an overdose of it, try matching up any of the above yet not all at once, otherwise you might get a ‘minty’ nickname in a while..:)

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post and if you’d have any questions or notes feel free to give it a shout! We’d be most keen to hear x


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