About Us

Hi Guys,

Thank you for dropping by! You’re visiting a blog set up by a couple of resistant workaholics (by day) and relentless fashion enthusiasts (for the rest of the time) based in London, working day-on-day amongst piles of bags, shoes, coats, blazers and many more goodies any girl would perhaps easily fall in love with!

Having worked within fashion retail for the past 6 years we’ve started BagstoWear as a lovable platform for sharing thoughts, latest handbag trends and simply a way to relax:). We’re aiming to find some of the most talented handbag designers and let you meet them via our exclusive interviews. Don’t miss them out as well as our regular offers and discounts!


A little about the ‘fashionista’ in me:

I’ve never had ‘too many bags in my wardrobe’ and yet leaving home without one would always seem somewhat uncomfortable, to say the least. When I’ve first been entrusted by my mum to wear a shopping bag all on my own at the age of 5 or 6 (or thereabouts) I just recall I was thinking that must have been a sign of well-earned trust and so a sign of ‘maturity’ to me. I remember begging my mum to let me do shopping all on my own, so that was it – the big white plastic bag was the answer back then. It was the 1st veeeery desirable bag! Ever since there were many (all perfectly justified: for all occasions): some filled with accessories for dolls, some helping to carry the unthinkably thick school books, then some helping gradually build up the looks, etc. In any case there’s not just my story to tell, you’ve all been there)). 

So why so much talking around bags? Firstly, promise not to talk too much and keep a healthy ‘unbiased’ balance (or else I wouldn’t be an ex-PR girl:), then let’s say I’m simply so much in search of the ‘right’ kind of bags as you might be (I don’t keep too many of them and I’m too selective when I’m buying). Of course ‘many’ is different to many people, yet making a slight upfront scan of ‘what’s out there’ just can’t be harmful, can it? That’s when the idea of a blog came particularly tempting. I won’t be scanning just for myself, perhaps you might want to have a look too:).  Finally I thought it would be simply shame not to share the latest trends we’re gossiping about when back in the office and talk about what else might be worth keeping an eye on. That’s about it for now.

Hope you’ll enjoy enough to take part leaving your own thoughts & suggestions, we’d absolutely love to hear from you!