Ascot Fashion Finds

Royal Ascot 2014, Minutes before scoring a winning bid

The Yearly Parade of Bags & Hats: This year’s Ascot fashion parade (#AscotFashion) will again start in June following similar schedule/timings every year on and on. We’ve selected our favourite pics from previous years to help anticipate this year’s catwalk:).

While there might be some who have opted in for a few out of the 6 days full of breath-taking races there’ll surely be loads of snapshots to choose from lateron. The dress code at Royal Ascot has always been subject to a serious matter, perhaps that’s why getting on the list of invites has always been a good reason to start hunting the most of the most, no wonder few days before the start of the event London retails stores were showing a lack of guess what – unique, extravagant hats of course:). For ladies, dresses and skirts are always recommended to be of ‘modest length’ and fall just above the knee, yet not all of the newcomers were aligning themselves to the rules, just check a few photos below). For men – black or grey suits were required, along with black shoes and – of course a hat. Few take-aways: hats were by all means the main attraction of any outfit (be that women’s or men’s ones), however bags, clutches, coquette totes were no doubt setting the scene:

Finally, the ‘bubbles’ corner, just minutes before placing the winning bid, the day has turned just fine!

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