What is a Pinafore?

Pinafore Trend 16-17

There was a lot of fashion ‘buzz’ lately around one of the upcoming trends deemed ‘most talked-about’ Spring-Summer 16-17 catwalk additions: the lovable pinafore. However, how many of you know where has this trend actually derived from? So first thing first: don’t confuse it with a dungaree. It may look like one, yet while dungarees may be regarded as usually denim sporty elements of any given casual look, pinafore is rather more feminine, plus many would say it’s got a far longer history background in fashion:). Check this out:

A contemporary pinafore is pretty much a short-sleeved girl’s dress, most often worn over a blouse or shirt and fastened up the back.

When constructed from whimsical patterned textiles, a pinafore evokes carefree, somewhat nostalgic and yet totally adorable sense of childhood:). But the pinafore actually evolved from a functional garment, the apron. The word itself is a contraction of two words, pin and afore (front).  Did you know that : the earliest version of the pinafore was a protective, easily removable apron worn by pinning it to the wearer’s dress?

Here’s an example of a modern-day look, followed shortly by its earlier-days counterpart:


Pinafore Trend 16-17


Earlier-days Pinafore inspiration would look like this:)



The earlier-days pinafore inspiration



You can clearly see an influence weighting towards a ‘school-girl image’ as a transition point from the above to the ending modern look coming into force more so this year!

So if it’s so much of a ‘big deal’ these days how would you actually look to style it up? Which are the right accessories to match it to and which celebrities were seen as its early adopters? here are a few hints:


The Denim Look: Shows most wearable bags would go along shoulder bags or casual clutches:






Topshop pinafore dress
£21 – topshop.com

Topshop ribbed sweater
£8.45 – topshop.com

Chloé brown leather boots
£295 – mytheresa.com

Messenger purse
£14 – shein.com

Miu miu wallet
£390 – miumiu.com


Black Leather Look: Think along the lines of – GenerationWearable Tech‘, you’ll know what I mean by that:):


Black leather look pinafore playsuit


Sleeveless romper

Miu Miu cap toe shoes
£345 – miumiu.com

AIAIAI retro headphone
£60 – ahalife.com

Clear eyeglass
£21 – shadesdaddy.com

Kate spade desk
£11 – crane.com



I have to say leather pinafore dresses are quite a source of inspiration for a rather ‘girly’ office look:



Leather Pinafore Dress – the ‘spot on’ option for your officewear (no matter the formal or less formal dress-code:)


Now down to the celebrity looks, check this out: which look would you rather give your vote for  – Olivia Palermo or Natalia Vodeanova? I have to mini-warn you: Dior would prefer either (they’ve both chosen this same Dior dress!:


Olivia Palermo or Natalia Vodeanova?

Personally, I think they are both gorgeous, yet if it was for the choice of the handbag – the absolute winner for me would be Natalia’s mini red prettiness!

Have a great week ahead!



from @Bagstowear team x


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