When to Say ‘No’ To Trends

Bagstowear_Trends are Fun
Trends are Fun

New Year, New Resolutions & all that jazz…This post won’t aim to convince you to revamp your past year’s wardrobe simply because a new year has started. Let’s just have a look at it from a different angle to try and play the role of our own stylists. Shall we?

Bagstowear_Trends are Fun

When Trends are Fun..


I’ve recently read a phrase on a blog page I came across by chance and it made me want to share these thoughts with you. It said:

‘Trends are fun to read about in a magazine on a Sunday morning, and shopping is perfect time to catch up with friends, but that’s about where it ends..’

My first inner self has raised an immediate ‘no, that can’t be the case’ and yet, what supplemented the initial phrase was the below:

‘A stylish woman will only buy a trendy item if she’s sure she can make it work in her wardrobe, but being too on trend is suspect, means you’re becoming a fashion victim, and – horror! – that you want to stand out..’

So what can you make of it all? I remember when being a little kid back home we were living in a small town and although it’s been a residential area at the outskirts of the city we’ve always considered ourselves ‘urban’, while every single walk to the centre of the city (yes, a walk would actually take a teen anywhere from 45 min to an hour) would be very well thought through ahead: what to wear ,which way to go – shorter or longer? After all – it was a true enjoyment walking around, it’s been our own non-proclaimed yet well-reckoned ‘cat walk’:).

Being different back then was never a ‘taboo rule’, quite on the contrary: our city was located in a commercial area, nearby the Romanian border so that ‘trendy buys’ from abroad were often a given to many. Be it the most beautiful scarf I could think of back then or a silver headband or any other accessory which could then be matched with a look from the wardrobe  – I’ve always had a thing for accessories and they’ve always helped me look somewhat different.

These days being different in fashion terms will probably not sound as innocently cute, it may instead give a flavour of a little ‘too much’ to swallow:). So what makes a stylish woman trendy and when is good time to say ‘no’ to trends?

I’ll proudly attach below a picture of my sister, Tania who I consider being effortlessly stylish almost all of the time, have a quick look for yourself:


Effortlessly Stylish..

What helps her look? 1st guess? Colour..Electric blue is always juicy during the cold autumn/winter days. 2nd guess? The bag, unlike everyone else’s. The sum up? accessories rule when it come to one’s own stylish look. However, too many of them might be just the reverse of style, hence balance is key in anyone’s ‘fashion kitchen’.

To help find out when trends are ‘helpful’ making you a qualified Stylist of Your Own Wardrobe, try to answer the below to find out (if most of your answers are the same as the ones at the bottom of the survey – Congrats! You’ve qualified!):

 1. HOW TO EDIT: She never buys something without having to try it on to have a proof that it fits her. She’d be lucky to get something on sample sales where you can’t try ‘them’ on. Is that you?

2. INVESTING IN ‘THE BONES’: Her wardrobe has it: the classic trench, the little black dress, a pair of coral, no wait! – scarlet red shoes, etc. She then tends to build from there..

3. BUYING WITH DRAMA: She goes for that over-the-top, decadent item. If she falls in love, she takes it home.

4. THE UNDENIABLE IMPORTANCE OF SHOES: She never has enough of..

5. THE POWER OF ACCESSORIES: She uses them every day – one way or the other:)

6. A GOOD TAILOR. At least used to be when back in the days dressing a Barbie doll. Still deems good at it..

7. SHE SIMPLY ISN’T A FASHION VICTIM. She never buys into the trends and she never carries the ‘it’ bag.

8. IS NOT ABOUT THE MONEY. She wears her flea market Mexican earrings the same way she would wear her diamonds..

9. HOW TO MIX UP. She’s often being told by others she’s good at mixing it up..

10. HOW TO BE IMPERFECT. She understands that every day is not a photo shoot yet she’d never go out of her house  completely unprepared:)

If you’ve recognized yourself in most of the above – Congratulations! you’re probably making a good use of your wardrobe already! As for us – we’re here for inspirations, so let’s keep sharing these together!

Got a question or a suggestion? Don’t keep it to yourself, get it out!:)

Have a great year ahead &

à bientôt!







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