Bank Holiday? Paris, bien sûr

When planning ahead for a bank holiday trip there’s no real guarantee as to how welcoming the weather going to be like at the time you’ll make it there. When we left London on Friday night rain was in the air..and yet when we’ve arrived in Paris – we’ve realized (much to our delight) that rain isn’t going to be an issue so we’ve bravely taken our camera with us ready for plenty of shots, or else – shootings:), in fact both by the end of the day).

We’ve been in Paris twice now and yet one can’t assume to have seen the most of its tourists’ looks even in a week time so we’ve split the routes: 
1st time it was the classic grandeur of La Tour Eiffel and the greeny surroundings of ChampsElysées:

Bagstowear_Paris_23-24.08 (38)2

followed by Arc de Triumph (gorgeous view from the top, btw), while this time we’ve started the route from the pure-white-up-on-the-hill SacréCœur, fabulous attraction nearby the so-called ‘red light’ area of Moulin-Rouge, where concerts-in-the-air, plenty of sunshine (in an end-of-summer style) were all inviting tens of passers-by to divert from the steady climbing up the stairs simply lie down on the grass and enjoy it all in its ‘splendeur’:


Bagstowear_Paris_23-24.08 (1)


Bagstowear_Paris_23-24.08 (2)


Bagstowear_Paris_23-24.08 (3)

Next steps – Notre-Dame, Le Petite-Palais, Louvre, walking down La Saine (as many would still find spots for a why-not-lie-in-the-sun view:) :

Bagstowear_Paris_23-24.08 (31)
 Btw, the lovely 3-wheelers seem to be en-vougue again:
Bagstowear_Paris_23-24.08 (7)


Wedding down the river Siene..would have been great to be part of the guest crew to …help share the enjoyment:):

Bagstowear_Paris_23-24.08 (10)
Walking down the river or admiring fastidious bridges is an ever-tempting one while in Paris, so one wouldn’t be surprised why I couldn’t easily pass by the below sceptre: well-placed, well-suited to the side of Paris any tourist would easily note – spacious, romantic and yet full of its beauty ‘weight’:


Bagstowear_Paris_23-24.08 (11)

Petite-Palais: what a lovely discovery at the bottom edge of the ChampsElysées:

Bagstowear_Paris_23-24.08 (18)2


Bagstowear_Paris_23-24.08 (22)


Bagstowear_Paris_23-24.08 (23)


Bagstowear_Paris_23-24.08 (26)

I’ll gladly add – Louvre was fantastic, even though we’ve only just managed to see a quarter of it in 3 hours driven by the wing where Mona Lisa is quietly resting for years attracting hundreds of selfies in one go! (even if of questionable quality since it’s all covered in layers of protective massive glasswall). 

I’ve noted though this fab painting illustrating the somptuous coronation of Napoleon’s love of his life – Josephine:

Bagstowear_Paris_23-24.08 (28)


Bagstowear_Paris_23-24.08 (30)
Bagstowear_Paris_23-24.08 (39)

Both Saturday and Sunday were full of sunshine and so full of beauty all over: we’ve found this lovely couple almost pacing down the same routes as we did so we’ve captured them since they looked so overwhelmed  – Happy Wedding Day! to the beautiful Chinese couple:

Bagstowear_Paris_23-24.08 (32)

Finally, what could be further more inspiring than a glimpse of, so here we are, in front of the ever-attracting-queues Louis Vuitton store in the center of Paris:

Bagstowear_Paris_23-24.08 (12)


Bagstowear_Paris_23-24.08 (13)


Bagstowear_Paris_23-24.08 (14)


Bagstowear_Paris_23-24.08 (16)


Bagstowear_Paris_23-24.08 (17)

On this aspirational note we’ve then headed down the street for dinner, where we’ve had a most delicious Mousse D’Avocat, well-served fish (which the waiter has kindly translated in Russian as ‘рыбка= the little fish (in fact in wasn’t little, it was just a nice way of putting in Russian:) followed by an absolute qu??n of desserts: grilled banana served with vanilla ice-cream:

Bagstowear_Paris_23-24.08 (35)


Bagstowear_Paris_23-24.08 (36)

Bon-appetit to you too and have a great end of Bank Holiday! À bientôt (meaning – c u later:)

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