Which Power Look Will Theresa May Wear Today for The General Election?


Guys, we’re back!  After a few good weeks of no posts in making and airing we’re back on track with the actual reason of being away from the blogging desk – we’ve welcomed in our family a new team member : a baby boy called Alexander! Alex, say hello to your mummy’s audience:))

Alex, say hi:)

Alex, say hi:)


We’ll be sure to share a few styling pictures, we just need to wait a few more years for the lil’ one to mature and be ready to properly wear an outfit:). Until then we’ve chosen today our come-back post around tomorrow’s big day – The UK General Election where the ever-famously-fashionable Mrs May will be sure to make an appearance against her Labour opponent – J.Corbyn. And what a better way to define the move then trying to figure out what the power look of the lead country politicial should look like? If you were Theresa May what would you choose to wear knowing that you’d make a move into millions of screens around the globe?

Personally, I’d bet her look won’ t have a trace of red. You’d wonder why? Well, it’s a fact to many that red is a colour chosen to help you/encourage you to be bolder on the day, impose on you more confidence and yet – that could also be perceoved as a sign of lack of confidence while on a look-out for an encouragement from your audience at the time when the audience needs to be well convinced that it’s doing the right choice. So – this time round – red is risky.


Theresa May’s Red Dress (on the day of 2016 budget debates)

Plus, this time round I doubt showing any sign of perceived weakness would be beneficial to her victory chances so my choice of her lead colour for the day would be…either her usual calm royal navy blue (which is equally as risky though as her electorate needs solid grounds on the Big Day rather than a proud yet lack-of-a-clear-statement role) or a dignifying pure white which would be a sign of ‘I’ve got nothing to hide. I’m open to take on your votes, you jus thave to trust me’. So how about these A or B look scenarios?

Have a say which one would you chose? Would you have your own view on what would suit Mrs May more on the Big Day?



Theresa May Outfit on the General Election Day 8th JUne 2017


Ok, now to help visualize, have a look how she’s previously worn Look A – the pure white option:




or Look B – Dark Navy Blue:




Got your favourites already? Cool, we’ve only got a few hours to go until we’ll find out:) I’ve now finalized my Fashion Guess Game!

Arrivederci and Happy Voting tomorrow!


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