Which Party Bag? Guess to Win!

Xmas Party Looks from @Bagstowear

The Xmas party season is not just round the corner, it’s litterally knocking on our doors now in its full swing sharing its lively mood & fanfare-like vibes, caused by tons of expectations, like: new celebrations, new sensations & of course – new looks, which are often as much a pleasure as they are…a ‘nightmare’ to choose & decide on:).

One element of your party look though may not be as difficult to go ahead with: that is when it’s either the 1st or the last of your look choices. Guessed already? That’s it, it’s her Majesty – the Clutch!


Xmas Party Looks from @Bagstowear


We’ve chosen a few of our own favourite Christmas Party Looks which could just as well serve as your New Year Party looks, up to you when to wear, our job – to suggest what🙂

Aside from the tips listed below we’ll also award one lucky winner who will be chosen by London’s Funkiest Accessory Brand – Vendula London, as an owner of a particularly juicy party clutch, have a sneak peak below:


Vedula New York Lights Clutch @Bagstowear



All you’ll have to do to win this gorgeous creative piece for your party look is find the answer on just 1 of the few questions listed within our Designer Interview with Vendula Creative  & Ecommerce team. Check out the question at the end of the post and add your answer as commentary below. To FIND the answer click HERE!

1st Tip – It’s not all about the dress!

Who said one of the most important party looks of the year should necessarily mean a.. dress? What about the below?

Look 1 - It's not all about the dress

Party Look 1 – It’s not all about the dress!



2nd Tip – A Parisienne look is when your shoes are slightly more vocal than your bag!! (subtile touch, n’est-ce pas?)


Look 3 - Shoes More Vocal than Bags -Bagstowear

Party Look 2 – When Shoes Are More Vocal than Bags:)  @Bagstowear


3rd Tip: Although Red is daring, it can hardly go wrong…Case proven! many – many – many times:)


Party Look 2 - Parisienne - @ Bagstowear

Party Look 3 – Red speaks volumes..  @Bagstowear


Now that we’ve got our inspirations listed, here you go – the promissed question to help get yourselves closer to winning the awesome New York Lights Gold Clutch from Vendula London:

According to Vendula London, which colour on clutches is more popular in France?

A. Green

B. Pink

C. Black

D. Gold

To find out, check our interview with Vendula London team HERE! Don’t forget to post your answer in the commentary section and log your email below which will be used to identify the winner:

To help you get prepared for this Christmas Party Look on time – Winners will be announced this Saturday, 5th of December, 4pm!

Best of Luck x


Ta-dah!! We’ve announced our winner today on our Facebook page, check it out here. Congratulations Kiley Rose!

Bagstowear - VendulaLondon - Giveaway, Kiley Rose

Bagstowear – VendulaLondon – Giveaway, Kiley Rose


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