Which Bomber Jacket is More You?


Why does everyone has to wear a bomber jacket these days? Looks like every 3rd passer by has got at least one of them in their spring summer wardrobes. I have to admit I’m not easily adopting the trend merely because it’s on there and it’s been chosen to be worn by many however I have to admit when this season’s bombers have taken off I’ve bought 2 in one go (within a week!), one of them taken first for a day-off trip in Brighton just a few weeks ago:


Satin Bomber Jacket | Bagstowear




Navy Bomber Jacket – Bagstowear, Brighton


Admiring Brighton Pier - Bagstowear

Had to get tis one in:). Admiring Brighton Pier – Bagstowear


I’m actually quite fond of this satin bomber, especially when knowing I’ve got it from a Menswear store, at a smallest possible size (for men:)). Surprise-surprise that is!)).

By all means, my first bomber buys were of different styles and different fabrics yet it’s rather the feeling that goes along when wearing these than the ‘how it’s being viewed from outside’ (if you see what I mean?:). I thought might be curious to check where do these come from and why all of a sudden such a big ‘fuss’ about them?

Turns out it’s not such an ‘all of a sudden’ trend:). Its origins are dating back from the early ’20s of the past century when the first ‘grand’-bombers were made of sheepskin and were supplied to the Royal Air Force during the WWII, have a look:



Vintage-sheepskin-bomber-jacket – Bagstowear


Would you then be surprised if I told you that an alternative call-out name for bomber jackets is ‘flight jackets’? The above just tells the story as to why:).

Moreover, another curiosity fact: american manufacturers back in the golden 20’s used to make the garment in several styles. Today, the one most widely collected is the A-2 design, available in either black or brown leather, it was usually lined with silk..

Pilots who had finished basic flight training were given an A-2 bomber jacket, and even though after 1942, other jackets normally made of nylon were designed for the military pilot, that all – at the time when the leather version never went out of style!

So how to wear bombers these days? Who’s getting more ‘share’ of these now – men’s or women’s styles?

One thing I’ve taken out of this season’s take-aways : there’re so many variations of bombers that you may as well just choose one for every day of the week (bit extreme, right?:) or one for every one of your mood swings!

ie. floral for summery vibes, pastel for ..so many wishlists that it gets rather slightly dramatic yet sweet:) and leather if it’s one of those days when you know you’ll get IT no matter what!

So I’ve made a careful selection of my mood-driven bombers, have a quick sneak peek below:


Which Bomber Jacket - Bagstowear

Which Bomber Jackets to Choose from? | Bagstowear

I have to admit – it’s been fun creating the board and although most of it it’s pretty much a wishlist one of them has actually landed in my wardrobe, guess which one? (btw, 7 bombers on the board ended up being a random number, I’m not aiming to wear one every single day of the week!:). Below a few places where to get these from:

1. TopShop -£49

2. PrettyLittleThing – £25

3. RiverIsland – £45

4. MyTheresa – £2,195

5. Harrods  – £435

6. New Look – £30

7. Liberty London – £225

Ok, time to call it a day, however before we part hope you’ve got the point – although it’s not all about which bomber you choose to wear, rather whichever element of your wardrobe is the one to help you shine from the inside out:). Enjoy wearing whatever you choose to and make the selection (your shopping spree) – a fun one!

À bientôt x


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