What to Buy for Black Friday & How to be a Savvy Shopper!

The Black Friday Sales Hive

To answer THE BIG Question first: Black Friday this year is on Friday 24th, 2017 – that is in 2 days from now!:)

It’s been not so long ago when Black Friday in the UK was only just transitioning the Atlantic. Few years back only a few of the many savvy UK shoppers would have classed it as THE day to hold your spending breath for if you wanted to grasp deals from your almost-covered-with-dust-wish-list. That was a few years back.

Ever since retailers have on-boarded on the Black Friday or otherwise Cyber week flair to either keep up with one another (ie. = ‘if the competition is out there, we should keep along, otherwise we’ll lose our shoppers!’) or try to offer that one-off brand/trade awareness push (= ‘if there’s one time in the year to ‘shine & dine’ – that’s clearly the one!’).

Although it’s now becoming controversial and so highly debatable if taking part as a retailer in ‘the Black Friday jungle’ is the most cost-efficient strategy for the not-wishing-to-discount brand, the so-called ‘grass-roots’ (mass-market) effect prevails and most still succumb to the tempting and highly unpredictable sales-hive-hope:


The ‘Black Friday Sales Hive’


Endlessly who’s never going to loose out in this journey is the end buyer, people like you & I who just want their wishlists done and dusted for as less as possible, whereby Black Friday sale might just be worth waiting for!

So let’s explore together a few good deals to be aware of so that the ultimate satisfaction feeling would get us look somewhat like that : (hopefully:)


Black Friday Satisfaction




MY NR 5 OUT of 5: BOOTS!

There’d be very few who’d decide to stay away from a little pampering, so BOOTS seem to have that ‘little bit for many’:) Just follow this LINK. Below are a few examples of deals you could snap, no sign of them tailing off on Friday:


Boots Black Friday Deals


You’ll see on the page that Boots are now showcasing selected products which might go mainstream and turn into an all-site-wide offer on the actual Friday 24th. Watch the space!


Boots Black Friday Deals 2017



MY 4TH TOP DEAL: ASOS – offering a 20% off everything:



ASOS Black Friday 2017

Follow this LINK and use code WIN20 at check-out!  Beware though to check ASOS deals in the morning of the 24th as there’s usually a lot of demand. Ie. I would have attached a few pieces of ‘what to buy from ASOS on Black Friday’ but their site is still loading (after min 10 min wait – which is way from usual in nowadays e-commerce),hence confirming huge demand today ahead of Black Friday!


ASOS Black Friday Week Site Speed Slow

Would be great that they change the above interface to a somewhat friendlier conversational piece to deter shoppers from leaving or switch between tabs during their waiting time (until the page loads).


MY 3rd TOP DEAL: ARGOS – Offering Discount on Top Products at the minute.

As you can see below not all bear before & after pricing labels, I’d advise researching the electricals/homewear/widget deals as of today on-wards making sure on the day there’s enough stock for the early birds such as yourself to grab before it runs out!


Argos Black Friday 2017


The one deal I’d personally stay in ‘virtual’ line for would be the below – which you can see the site clearly depicts strong ‘e-footfall’ = ’24 people are looking at this right now’ and already-made purchases on the product page = ‘ordered 50 times in the last 48 hours’:


Argos Black Friday 2017 – Bagstowear Editor’s Choice


For the sense of urgency displayed on the product page – I’d give Argos a 5 star rating! (ok, 4.5 – would be great to include conversational notes, ie. real-time social interactions:)’



Clearly, one of my favourite fashion destination – for the style, ease of use and the previously-mentioned well-integrated social interactions at the product page level. Boden’s CYBER WEEK Offer this year is 30% off! Just use this LINK and the insert code N6D5 at check-out!

I have to say that’s a bit of a random code naming to use for Black Friday sales, yet the one very few if none:) would be able to guess (some still try!:):


Boden Black Friday Deal 2017


These are a few of our  chosen pieces from the category ‘what to buy at boden on black friday‘ this year:

Always go for the bright colours when the time is to party! when else?:) Just remember to use the 30% code:)


Boden Black Friday Deals 2017 for Her

That’s another great statement piece to wow your workplace peers or just for a walk in town indulging caffees, strolls in and out of various intellectually-inspiring locations (to me that’s the likes of TATE MODERN or Design Museum or whatever else that gets you going:):


Boden Yellow Shirt Black Friday


MY TOP DEAL on THIS YEAR’s BLACK FRIDAY GOES TO – EQUALLY A FEW:) – couldn’t decide which so will have you rather pick as our tastes may well differ on this one!:

 – FEELUNIQUE:  For their selection of perfume scents  – all for 20% off with no code required:


Feelunique Black Friday Deals 2017


BEAUTYBAY: You can get a 30% off with no code required for a ‘One of a Kind Beauty Pampering!’ Also, get to know their range of beauty tutorials, very much recommend! See here for more..


BeautyBay Black Friday Deals 2017


By all means – for the Fashion Maven in YOU – you can also check:

ZARA – I have to say though,their site is currently down! Not a good piece of news if you’d like to research ahead of THE DAY! @Zara, get this fixed soon!!

NEW LOOK – Click Here for a 25% off make-over:). The site looks just fine:)

TOP SHOP – Here‘s Your precise Black Friday destination – although the offer isn’t being live yet, apparently TopShop is holding the nerve and is expecting its shoppers to do the same:)


Hope it’s been useful. Stay cool and make the best for yourselves on THE DAY!



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