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This is fresh, coming straight from tech news: Snapchat have just launched a pair of.. sunglasses which seem to let you experience a 360 degree video recording or as some refer to them – a ‘mini augmented reality rig’:



Will this become our next fashion accessory we’d feel more of a ‘fun-thing-to-have’ as opposed to a ‘must-have’? Probably too early to tell/ take it at scale, beyond the fashion-wearable-tech-niche however what’s clearly attracted me to write and share the post is its fun design (a step ahead on the fun-fashion front from Google’s Glasses launched a while ago promising a far more sophisticated experience yet remaining in a slightly dormant phase now).

Wearable tech can be fashionable though, we’ve written a post on it not so long ago revealing an ingenious handbag with interior lighting made by an LA-based designer: https://www.bagstowear.co.uk/glass-handbag/). Every such design coupled with an embedded tech solution is craving for a fan base: the wider the better for its viral take-off.

What’s further surprising though about Spectacles is Snapchat’s launch mode handled in the utmost trend preferred by say Apple: they’ve created that viral, word-of-mouth-worthy hype generating not just curiosity and some incipient demand but also queues! In fact queues-making is what might be lacking most of these days’ fashion players, who might need a little more creativity boost to start generate story-telling ‘en-masse’, an intrigue and a little more product ‘heritage’ to get them on our ‘aching wishlist’:)

Snapchat is already gaining a lot of traction amongst youngsters. By selling Spectacles through bright yellow vending machines that pop up in one city for 24 hours and then disappear (like messages in the app), Snap is setting itself up its glasses as a cool, exclusive status symbol – clearly a little ‘out of the gate’.

So what are these glasses and how do they work?

A little overview in a video below:


As for those in lack of much time to often view the whole video here’re a few ‘snap-notes’ for you to take-away:

– Spectacles are the first camera Snap’s ever made.

– The Willy Wonka-looking plastic round sunglasses with lenses on both stems are combined to shoot video with a 115-degree field of view;

– It captures a 10-sec video in a circular mode. Needless to say it syncs with your snapchat app/account));

– The snaps are transferred automatically to your Memories section on the app;

– When you tap the button, a white light comes on in the periphery of your left eye, just bright enough to be visible. That’s the indicator you’re recording!

– Finally, a fact of perceived interest: The Spectacles come in three different colours: black, teal, and coral, have a look at a few shots below:



Spectacles in Motion



Spectacles Going Clearly Blue..


Here we go – some curiosities shared, some yet to be discovered! Stay tuned for more:)


@Bagstowear team

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