Top Daywear Looks This Week

week London streets were carrying an abundance of colour and choice all driven
by generous sunshine which lifted out from our wardrobes light chiffon dresses,
floral co-ords, bright colour maxis, a balanced blend of mint green and ‘shy’ raspberry tones and much more. I’ve summed up and selected a few which came
rather forward, have a look and have your say! 
1. Coming from.. Milan:

2. Going ‘Stripy':

Bagstowear_Going Stripy
3. Going ‘Parisienne':
4. Going ‘Up-the-Heel':
5. Going ‘Fruity':
6. Ibizza hopefully:)
7. Going ‘Mandarine':
8. Going ‘Latte-Light':
9. Going ‘Citadine':

You’ve come to an end of my list for past week. Stay tuned for next week’s choices, while if you’ve got your own why not give a sout and share around? 

Bisoux-bisoux x

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