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Bags Spotted/Worn in Paris, Spring 2014

It can never be enough when it comes to Paris: not enough having fun, not enough meeting new people, not enough watching Siena intermitently glow at the first rays of sunshine, not enough of walking down the overwhelming white streets watching character-full of art & personality buildings and its despite the libertine flair always somehow fashionable parisiennes..

Spotting bags & looks on the streets of Paris, Milan, London, name it – may be just as appealing as witnessing a yearly runway catwalk. One of the greatest rewards of working in fashion is being able to travel around most daring world cities watching the passers-by as they walk down the roads having no hint or clue of being often regarded with appreciation just for adding their mite to help the world look better – not just by wearing good-looking clothes, but just for making the slightest effort to walk down the road in an unmissable good mood!

These are a few snaps for you to enjoy:

Perhaps that’s a Parisienne version of à la Sex or perhaps ‘Walk in the City’ one of the ladies wearing the proud black Channel:


Anyone else going for a walk around in style? Ah, yes – couldn’t get pass these two trend-spotters (black clutch is always a must-have when at least one of the 2 dressing components are black):


The asian-style kimono couldn’t more skillfully matched with a crocodile leather clutch, have a look below:

kimono paris

These were just the top 3 looks selected for the Paris Street Style, more to follow from: Milan, London, Haga, Amsterdam and more..stay tuned!

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