Which Shoulder Bag?

Sunshine can be inspirational, particularly when you’re living your working days expecting week-ends to keep their best for you at the point when there’s a proper time left to actually enjoy it..in all its warmth. 

This week-end has started well enough which made us give up the usual few hours of post-week somnolence and made us go out for a good walk along the pier. 

And what better way to match up the outfit if not with a statement shoulder bag, preferably in a shouting-out-loud colour to help balance out the warmth of the sunshine and its inner wanna-be implications? 

So here you go, we got inspired over a morning photo shooting and have come up with a few of the below:















Happy sunshine for the rest of the week and hope you make the most out of the remaining few weeks of summer! Bisou-bisou x

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