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The Brand Story:

Murad’s brand founder and conceptual leader all along from the brand inception in 1989 has once shared:

Skincare is not superficial because it is healthcare. When you have beautiful skin it is a sign that you have a healthy body and mind

Howard Murad, M.D., FAAD, the brand’s founder is recognized globally as a leading visionary for his scientific innovations in skincare.  A board-certified dermatologist, trained pharmacist and Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at the Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA, Dr. Murad states having personally treated over 50,000 patients. His skincare formula was amongst the first ones on the market able to achieve anti-ageing benefits without having the need to undertake a surgery.

For his revolutionary use of dietary supplements to promote skin health and as the pioneer of the use of Alpha Hydroxy Acids in topical skincare, Dr. Murad has received numerous recognitions including being named the “Best Forward-Thinking Doctor” by Vogue, “Top 50 Men of the World That Understand Women” by The Observer Woman, and a “Beauty Genius” by Elle:


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Anti-Ageing Blemish Control Collection:

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Weather the lack of sleep has become a norm for you lately or you’re looking for solutions to help diminish dark circles, the below is set to help tackle healthy looks of your skincare surrounding the eye area:


Renewing Eye Cream


Murad Skincare Renewing Eye Cream | Bagstowear

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