The Secret Story of a Bag

There were only a few handbags duly raised at the level of ‘icons’ during the past many decades : The Kelly bag (named after Grace Kelly), the Classic 2.55 Chanel bag – to name but a few, yet there was one bag which stood so often next to its owner that it became almost synonimous to her, so much so that while waiting for the owner to show up at a Cabinet meeting someone once said: ‘Why don’t we start? The handbag is here.’

Nowadays celebrities keep walking down the streets holding this bag still, no wonder it’s so timeless, have a look below – in Eva Mendes’ hands:

Eva Mendes outside a medical center in Beverly Hills

Few other celebrities were often spotted taking the same label bag on various walks around LA’s sunny streets, among these Demi Moore shows particular regularity:

Bagstowear_Demi Moore - LA - Ferragamo - Bag



Madonna has often been spotted giving it rounds:


However, what made it almost history was the ultra-fashionista of her time – Margaret Thatcher, so much so that it came down almost as an indispensable article of her throughly selected wardrobe. 
A verb ‘to handbag’ – meaning to treat ruthlessly or insensitively – was even coined in the Iron Lady’s ‘honour’. That’s the brief story of a handbag that graduated to full-blown superpower. It became the bag – able to articulate clearly enough a woman’s ‘masculine’ strength (when needed) and the ‘feminine’ sex appeal – all in one stylish proposition.

Ok, time to lift up the curtains:

Bagstowear_did you know - 1

Have you guessed the label name already? You must be close though..Here yo go: Thatcher’s favourite handbags were by Ferragamo (as seen below:):


 Its classic design, suggestive subtility and undeniable style endurance were further reinforced when in 2000 at a charity auction one of Thatcher’s Ferragamo bags was sold for more than £100,000! Now that is a subtle yet undeniable – bag power..

I’ve picked a few ‘wehere to find’ models for you below:

The Ferragamo Gelly Quilted Leather Shoulder Bag: as seen on +Polyvore :

Bagstowear - Gelly - Quilted - Leather Shoulder - Bag - Ferragamo


The Ferragamo Marlene Gancini – Lock Tote Bag, as seen on +Neiman Marcus :


Today’s story time has come to an end, if you’ve got any other bag secrets up your sleeve to share round – have your say, would be great to find out more of!

It’s been a pleasure writing it down I have to say:) Au revoir!

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