Would Men Carry Their Ladies’ Handbags?

Here it comes – the debate time! Today’s topic hasn’t been chosen by chance, it was rather a theme I was keen to explore foor a while now, so I decided to give it a go now.

Seeing a man these days carrying a lady-looking-like handbag (having a woman by his side) may seem downright unsual these days, or does it not? How would you qualify this man’s gesture? An expression of chivalry, one of ..unnecessary extra attention towards his less mighty female companion or..an act of perceived weekness?

While writing these lines I’m far from being judgemental although I have to confess – reading these days’ community blogs/opinions may stir up some mixed feelings, so I thought I’d turn to you, the reader – to have your say after reading these lines.


Did you know:   In the past (just over a century back), when the definition of a “lady” covered some definite limitations, it was quite ladylike to carry as little as possible.

In sentimental English novels of the last century, whenever a lady opened her bag it was to give money to the poor, or to take out – a small embroidered handkerchief or a tiny bottle of smelting salts, as you might imagine – it was considered very ladylike to faint once in a while.

Right, (you may say) – so one prerequisite of being  a lady back then was to look rather fragile and slightly careless or else how would one explain the ever-tiny bag carried on regardless of occasion whereby I presume their men would have to take care about the remaining aspects of couple’s habitual preoccupation. Ok, so if carrying small bags on each occasion was both feminine (and mind you – a sign of social status too: the smaller the bag the higher the status) then a woman had to be perceived looking feminine, in these frames – fragile so that a man didn’t even need to carry his lady’s purse, surely a tiny bag wouldn’t have been an issue for the lady.

Let’s turn our heads to nowadays. Few simple facts to highlight: today’s ladies have a far more varied program, far more preoccupations and so more reasons to.. adjust bags based on different occasions, don’t we?




Wearing small bags does not give away a woman’s exquisite feminine feature, her social status (unless it’s a premium branded bag) or her relationship with ..her majesty fashion:). These days’ bags are fitted in all shapes, all sizes to fit the tastes of many, becoming a must-have accessory to suit our individual personalities.

SO..hard job for a man really. Why? Well – how is a man supposed to identify if the large tote in his lady’s hand is an act of a need aimed to fit in multiple must-go-in accessories or simply an expression of..a fashionable trend she’s easily adhering to? That’s not to say that there’s someone stopping him to simply ask if his companion needs a hand of help or would it hurt whatever/whoever’s  perceptiones?

Personally, I feel a true man is still always a man if he simply asks the question, that doesn’t make him less of a man, yet if that becomes a recurring and a by-default act, that’s a slightly different stand. In any case, just so you know – for Asian men, that’s actually an expected, almost by-default gesture so while western men need to find reasons, others seem to have it encrypted into their genes. In any case – interesting topic, and so perhaps as many stand points:)

Have a great evening all and enjoy wearing your male/female bags in style, whatever the occasion!


Nadya @Bagstowear

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