Meet London’s Funkiest Bags: The Creative Vendula Handbags

Vendula Thatched Roof Cottage Grab Bag, on its 1st Journey Out:)



What if I told you that there’re bags which are able to take you on a journey when you’re least likely to have one?

Imagine yourself sitting in the office, longing for a ray of sunshine especially on a warm day in, yet knowing there’s no way you could make it right at that point: of course, you’ve got few good hours till the end of your working day! Then by the time you’re out that breath of sunshine might no longer be as inviting as when you’ve first pictured yourself outside of the office walls.. Sadly, but let’s face it – it happens.

When browsing the web a few weeks back in search for the new talented team of designers I couldn’t stop wondering at the excitement I first felt when seeing the colorful, funky collection of accessories which are almost speaking out loud: ‘I’m made to make you smile, no matter what’s the mood you’re carrying, I’ll try to help!’

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So I gave it a go, reached out to Vendula London’s team to find out more about their story..the one that keeps telling stories with every bag they bring to live. Of course not every story would be yours to tell but the range is rich enough to choose from so I felt I’ve found mine..I did imagine being outside the office, out in a picturesque country-side, nearby a gorgeous little cottage I’d always wanted to live in for a little while: it’s simply too juicy to just walk passed by:) :


Vendula Thatched Roof Cottage Grab Bag


I have to admit: there were other ‘potential journeys’ looking quite tempting too, for instance – a shopping trip:

Shopping Trip_Bagstowear_Vendula

Vendula Boutique Grab Bag


or .. a party invite whereby I’d already have my nail art done (you’ll see below why:):


Vendula Classic Nail Art Clutch


However, once I’ve chosen my 1st destination I’ve explored what it made me feel like wearing on the day, how did it help me escape the everyday routine? It was a cloudy day outside, yet I couldn’t resist putting on some of my most cheerful colors:



Having a walk with the gorgeous Cottage Bag..


How else did it make me feel? You’d know my rule by now, when describing any new designer’s bag work, I’d be choosing just 3 words to speak up, in this case:

  • Stylish – undeniably, it is unique after all (can’t tell enough how many heads it’s got the power to turn:), plus, as the design team puts it: the whole philosophy behind their craftsmanship is to make people ask ‘where did you get this bag from?’

  • Dreamy – by all means, proud to lift up that often undisclosed side of me (given the fast-paced world of action we now have to leave in):

Just in the right mood..


  • Finally – it’s making me feel balanced: being different yet genuine, thinking ‘outside of the box’ yet staying relevant..

In a word – it feels there’s no end to Vendula’s design team’s imagination, they seem to be well accustomed to crafting short pathways to help escape the daily routine. After all – the source of their imagination is thought to be our everyday life: you’ll find imprints from butterflies to bicycles, animals, scrapbooks and various vintage styles.

Let’s hear now from Vendula London’s team below for more of our usual ‘behind the scenes’ Q&A revelations:


Your bags’ guiding philosophy is to make people ask your buyers ‘Where did you get this bag from?’. Is this what helps share the word further about your unique bags’ looks? Please elaborate if this is the case.




High street accessories brands usually offer a very similar choice of bags responding to strong seasonal fashion codes. Vendula London philosophy is to follow your instinct and be yourself with an accessory that make you feel happy. We think this is good ​enough to make our customers spread the word and be part of a Vendula London community.




Could you please describe your target audience? What drives their purchase decisions? ie. Friend’s wearing them ‘too often too well’ or there’re other common means to find out about your website first-hand when on the look-out for a ‘turning-heads’ bag?




Being unique and funky our bags and accessories attract women who want to stand out from the crowd. We can’t define any demographic profile but we can tell from social media interactions that Vendula London fans are creative fashionistas with a strong and confident sense of fashion.




Your designers are thought to be able to push boundaries. Does this mean some of your collections need to step aside in favor of your new ones? If so, what happens when a certain collection gets more demand? Are these being returned on your shelves to become available to your public again?




Every season we try to create new designs, colours and shapes according to the season and demand from

customers. But we do carry forward ​popular designs from 1 season to the next. for example Poppy was a very popular design from last winter and Poppy will be part of our next autumn winter collection with new exciting bag shapes.


We do have a recurring styles as well: With Shop Fronts’ from example we add more designs every season – for example next winter -and this is a scoop!- we will have an adorable ‘Pub called the George’ with lots of fabulous applique details.




Your bags are now sold across UK, EU, IE, North America: do you think your bags get styled locally and do those styles differ by country? (ie. your fans’ occasions to wear bags differ? what do fans in the UK like more compared to those in EU or NA?)




There are some differences indeed. Bag shapes first: clutches are more popular in the UK for example. But the main differences are with colours: green is popular in Italy while pink is a hit in the UK and French are more into black.




One of your bags ethos says: your bags are made to make people smile, bring a ray of sunshine to their lives. Please share a few farewell notes with our readers: ie. how to craft their daywear styles to help bring that ray of sunshine, share the smile? 




All our bags and accessories are handmade and designed to bring colorful and funky vibes into our customers life. Our moto is clearly ‘smile, be yourself and don’t let anyone tell you what to wear’. And because we would like to put a big big smile on your readers lips, we offer them a 5% discovery discount using the code WELCOME5 at the checkout! just follow the link:


Here you go – a truly rewarding surprise for you for engaging with this post!


Have a look for yourself to see which journey would you take yourself to when you’d rather find yourself…elsewhere for a while? Got a destination in mind?

Hope you’ll find yours soon, keep in touch and if you’ve found it – don’t keep it to yourself, share around!

We all want to keep being inspired xx


P.S. Until you’re still thinking where to go next – have a quick look inside my little journey ‘within the cottage bag’:



Vendula Thatched Roof Cottage Grab Bag, on its 1st Journey Out:)



The view from inside, coming from the ‘roof’!


Stay tuned for the video review..coming up soon! Don’t forget to check out the website, you’ve now got an exclusive treat of 5% off at check-out!




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