In the Festive Mood

Me Carrying a Matroshka Bag from Vendula London_Fun Piece isnt'it it?

Let’s imagine for a moment that there’re no such thing as ..Christmas decorations all across key streets of your beloved city, no glitter, no ornaments looking lavishly from within most tempting shopping windows and well.. no shoppers around trotting frentically in search for that ‘it’ piece which would bring along a flair of content, a smile, a ‘so-many-more-other-ways’ to express gratitude for making the effort on that one-in-ayear occasion one can hardly pass by without a shiver of inferred magic.. No, that would hardly be a scenario any of us would be keen to accept.

One way or another it’s a one-in-a-year occasion we’re waiting for a ‘legitimate way’ to claim some time off work, some time off the day-to-day speed of routine and get into a mood of pure celebrations.

Coming from Eastern Europe, bearing Ukranian and Moldavian roots in the family we’re used to welcome Christmas with tables full of plenty, most exquisitite and hours-in-making dishes which would almost make the tables fall apart on the day when families of families would get around in a warm atnosphere to welcome the new and part with the old. I genuinely miss those days and would love to have those occasions come more often..

The below photo shoot is my way of welcoming the new and part with the old, of hoping to always keep the festive mood in regardless of the occasion, just carry the positive mood around!

Merry Christmas everyone!🙂


Me Carrying a Matreoshka Bag from Vendula London_Fun Piece isnt’it it?



Me Again – On the move)



Discovering The Beauties of Tower of London. It’s genuinely a little medieval town in the center of a modern megapolis!



Welcoming the New alongside my adorable Sophie


à bientôt!

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