New Year – New Wardrobe: How to Wear Bell Sleeve Dresses


We’ve come a long way since our last trend updates, yet for a good reason – the new season comes now with a lot more to offer, to become anxious about, hence so many temptations to have up one’s sleeve! To get this in context: we’re confident some of these might become your spring wardrobe’s secret weapons, such as the Moroccan-inspired newcomers: Bell Sleeve Dresses.

The most enticing thing about these – although these dresses boast a coquette yet no so much of a shape-revealing look they come in so many styles to fit plenty of tastes that can hardly be easily passed by. I’ll show a  few different styles below, we’ll then start matching these up with suitable…hang on…BAGS!:)

Firstly, let me reveal a personal delight when it comes to sharing a creation that fits today’s topic made by a designer I genuinely admire for being relevant when different, hardly unnoticeable yet showing effortless style – Roksanda Ilincik has the flair to share. Check out this tulip-shaped bell-sleeves ornamenting this navy chic dress:





VIP’s have not remained indifferent either:). It’s been recently spotted on the gorgeous Sonam Kapoor:




Let’s take a closer look at the sleeves:




Now in comparison, have a quick look at another creation of latest Roksanda’s 70’s yet somewhat medieval-inspired sleeves (she studied also architecture and design at the Faculty of Applied Arts, one can tell her modernist design is obvious in her ready-to-wear collections). This navy goddess can be found on discount now on Avenue 32.



So much so for creative tailoring and style adjustments! Let’s now check out other inspirations, there’re quite a few of them out there:



This lovely red bell sleeve lace dress can now be found either on Missguided or ASOS (check out where the stock and size still lasts).

My other style find comes from the velvet ranges, check out this daring yet completely unpretentious, easy-to-wear floral velvet bell sleeve dress:




The below may reveal a further more daring sleeve swing, one may compare to a variation of bat sleeve dress styling:




Now as promised, I’ll be sharing one of our regular style match-up updates: this time I’ve picked one of Roksanda’s now famous bell sleeve dresses to pair it up with a few bags for a day or not so much of a day outfit:) :




Let us know which sleeves have inspired you most: in the interpretation of a classic yet modernistic-minimalistic-Roksanda shape, velvet, floral or lace option?

Remember getting inspired when you’ve got a multitude of options around isn’t such an easy job so share around, air out some questions and stay tuned for more style updates and how to wear, match up gorgeous bags to go along flawlessly!

À bientôt!

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