Designer Interview: Meet RugsNBags

The use of traditional techniques and the finest of leathers sourced to create modern bags with handwoven rug elements is what sets apart the new designer accessory brand from Bulgaria. Fascinated with their leather assemblage process and traditional handcraft we’ve reached out for an interview keen to introduce you today to: RugsNBags, a brand run by two modern & independent characters: Rositsa, designer and weaver and Lubo, the team’s marketing director.

Their minimal style, sleek design and perfectionist craftsmanship puts them at the forefront of the emerging traditional design accessory scene. Here, Rosita recounts her story and the importance of passion and quality to build a successful business.


Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get started and where has the idea of creating handbags from traditional wool-woven rugs come from?

Rosita: Our products are inspired by the Bulgarian craft: the art of waving comes from the far ancient times, when the handwoven products such as rugs, carpets, pillow-cases, table cloths, wall hangers – were all made of natural wool, as well as defining seasonality: cotton and silk. These were the must-have homey specifics for every Bulgarian household. That’s what sourced for us the idea of making bags from handwoven fabrics:


By means of our products we would like to share the Bulgarian culture with the outside world: our bags and rugs could as well become Bulgarian product ambassadors, able to match up tradition with the current fashion trends. Our products are made of dyed pure wool, genuine leather, handmade ceramic buttons, handmade wooden items and other natural materials.

What we believe sets us apart? Might be our inspiring palette of colors, unique handcrafted fabrics, as well as the positive mood which accompanies us with every new design both when making our products and when sending them to our customers. We believe what keeps the positive story told over and over again is when our customers are wearing our designed accessories or when they decide to decorate their homes. We are pretty new on the market as we started Rugs N’ Bags only a few months ago so there is much more to come from us in the nearest future.




Q: How has your local market in Bulgaria received these innovative designs?

For Bulgarians the handwoven products aren’t newcomers, they’re the defining elements of Bulgarian tradition, Bulgarian past. However, what’s different is the idea to manufacture a bag using the ancient techniques while at the same time preserving its fashionable look & feel. This trend has already been well-received both in-and-outside Bulgaria:  we’re now receiving orders from the UK, US, France, Spain, Singapore etc.

This is something that makes us extremely happy as we find people who like our idea to wear something unique, hand-crafted with true passion and a full bucket of contagious, positive energy.






 Q: If you were to describe your bags in 3 words which ones would you choose and why?

Natural, colorful and extremely positive. Natural – because they are all made of natural fabrics, colorful because most of our products combine a wide palette of thoroughly matched colors and positive since they are designed to bring along a great mood and lovable comfort to those wearing them.



Q: How would you describe your bags’ buyers?

They’re probably independent characters, who like to be different, fashionable, art-sensitive while at the same time showing strong character, passion, intelligence and.. a hint of mysterious charm.

 Q: How do you think a most comfortable bag should look like?

It has to be spacious enough to be able to fit in day-to-day must-haves & belongings. It also needs to be easy and comfortable to wear at the same time helping you feel unique and by all means – beautiful.


Q: Your bags are displaying lively colours which could suggest the wearer’s strong character and perhaps a cheerful mood. How would you advise our readers to make colour-matching when wearing daywear bags?

It always helps if you try to match your bag with another colour in your outfit : it could be your dress, jewelry, shoes or a belt. As our bags are really colorful they give plenty of options to match them with any daywear outfit: it would then be down to you and your day-to-day mood to choose how to fit them best.


A few farewell words to our readers…

We would like to thank the team at for choosing us to start their new feature of the Autumn/Winter styling season. We are excited by the prospect of finding

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Enjoy and remember to always keep up your positive mood!

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