The New Face of a Chanel Bag

I’ve recently watched The Chanel Cruise 2015 Dubai collection presented in one of luxurious Dubai’s artificial islands when it occurred to me the festive season couldn’t be more cheerfully shared than when walking around with some of the new Chanel’s beauties:

 – Chanel Pom Pom Embellished Flap Bag, Price on Demand via Chanel:


 – Chanel Tweed Flap Bag with Pom Poms, Price on Demand via Chanel:



 – Chanel Twisted Woven Flap Bag with Pom Poms:



Finally, the 4th piece I’ve selected from a lot of hundreds for this Christmas theme – the below though you could easily take not just for a walk but also for a sleeky party night out:

– Chanel Sequin Flap Bag:



A few of the news from the runaway show: it turns out Chanel bag prices are due to go up, have a quick look:

Chanel New Prices

In fact, as you see the price increase will only affect the boy bag ranges, so not every style goes further up.

Anyway, great intro from Chanel into the New 2015 Year! Happy New Year to curious lot of fashionistas around,


from @Bagstowear.

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