Festival wear: DOs & DON’Ts

Festivalwear - Wellies - Bagstowear
Festivalwear - Matching up Wellies

There’re so many occasions throughout the year when getting ready to show one’s looks becomes a tipping point many are looking forward to: tills to ring, Instagram to soar, catwalks to get loaded, etc. Obviously festival catwalks make up one of such key occasions!

At the center of it all is – by all means You, the one who drives fashion retailers to come up with creative ideas on how to suggest various looks, competing amongst each other for that breath of well-deserved footfall, which will obviously revolve around the one word to fit them all: its Majesty, the Trend.

Who knows that about 10 years ago, back in 2005, Kate Moss would almost single-handedly launch the mere concept of festival fashion? That’s when Hunters became well-associated with mini (a brave example of practicality and style), followed by other celebrity outfit trends such as the ones worn by Sienna Miller and Kate Bosworth.

Festivalwear - Wellies - Bagstowear

Festivalwear – Matching up Wellies


That’s it: the trend has been launched and an entire fashion retail industry has started to get prepared with ever growing intensity to be able to fulfill the thirst for new styles to fit plenty of personalities: no doubt festivals are a great way to showcase one’s individual style reflecting plenty of tastes for music, bands, artists.

So if it’s such an important occasion to glam and shine what are those key must-haves you should bag and test in front of your wardrobe mirror before you get it out for a good ‘stroll’ of fun? Let’s have a look..

1st – The Dress:


Be Yourself, add a flair of your own style after you’ve gone through your wardrobe selections, it will help you shine out from the crowd, not blend into it:)

Get an Inspiration from the 70’s: best choices for outfit research – Stella McCartney for Denim and Isabel Marant for hippie-deluxe wide-scoop necklines and low-slung belts which you’ll find trendy for any season;

Think of your own differenciating statement piece: be it a hair band, a one-off vintage accessory, embroidered kimonos, fringed bags or jackets, a cropped top or some pretty-hard-to-pass-by vintage scarves.



Underestimate the need for a good footwear: bring a spare pair, think of weather changes, after all that’s one element noone can guarrantee will go perfect:)

Be afraid to experiment as long as it shows to your look/body advantage (not the other way around!


Below are a few dresses for your inspiration, check these out:


Festival Styles: Focus on Dresses

To shop for festivalwear, click here


2nd – The Jumpsuit:

Here’s an area of your wardrobe where you could get really creative: there’re quite a few types of jumpsuits which may flatter any shape and body, to name but a few:

– lace playsuit;

– off shoulder playsuit, as in here;

– playsuit with lace up front, as in here

– playsuits with flutter sleeves, as in here

– playsuits with cold shoulder ruffle, as in here


Quick look for inspiration:


Festival Jumpsuits - Bagstowear

Festival Jumpsuits: A Choice between Denim & Print


Few curiosities before we share the shopping links with you:

Did you know that the 1st Jumpsuit has been designed in 1919 Florentine Thayat, as a futuristic and subversive outfit. Years after, this design became popular among skydivers, parachutists, and even aviators! Here you go, a few surprises:)  While it was probably Elvis who popularized the jumpsuit, these days it’s very much a female fashion outfit.


Your Do’s when Choosing a Jumpsuit:


1. Choose the Right Length: taller girls can get away with sweeping, while rather petite ones should go for rompers, which go above the knee.

2. Go for solid colours – when in doubt..It would suit almost any silhouette or occasion!

3. Buy the right fit and size: a jumpsuit 99 per cent of the time will highlight the waist (like a belt at the waist) which is something that’s super-flattering on all body types, whether you want to create curves or hide certain body parts..


– Your Don’ts when Buying a Jumpsuit:


1. Don’t buy them too close to your skin:) no skintights please, especially when your aim is to emphasize your beauties (no need to show them all in one go anyway:).

2 Don’t buy wild and crazy prints unless you’re amongst some amazonian tribes performing a local dance whereby ingenious choices might be quite welcome..

3. Don’t Think You can’t wear a Jumpsuit: there’s one for every body shape, every age or height, you just need to choose the one that fits You well: just try on different styles till you find the one you’ll get attracted by!

For Denim Jumpsuits, have a look here.

For Print Jumpsuits, don’t miss out on these..


3rd – Sunnies:

Definitely a must-have, after all the weather is clearly unpredictable so why leave out this probably most glamorous accessory? A few inspirations to start from:

Bagstowear - Sunglasses -Festivals

Sunglasses – a Must-Have Accessory for Festivalwear


Check these out here:


Matt Shades

Cat Eye


A few Do’s to take away:

– Pick up your style well: Generally, finding a contrast between your face shape and the frame shape will make up for a great compromise. Eg if you have a round face, more angular frames will work while if your face is more square, a rounder softer frame shape do good. Here are a few popular styles:

  • Mirrorshades – Mirrored coating on surface, usually coming in an aviator or wraparound shape.
  • Aviators – Teardrop-shaped lens and thin metal frames: would suit any face shape, but best an oval shape.
  • Wayfarers/Spicolis – Popular in the 1950s and 1960s: these were worn by Audrey Hepburn in the 1961, you’ll recognize them while watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
  • Teashades – Popularized by John Lennon and Ozzy Osbourne. They’re not very effective at keeping light out of your eyes, though:)
  • Oversized – Will give you that ‘model’/ ‘movie star’ look..

On the don’ts side I’d probably just advise you to not be affraid to test or experiment! These are easier than an outfit to put on while in a shop and change as many of these till you find a few pairs you might quite likely fall in love with, they are easily lovable:).

Amongst other must-haves don’t forget to bag your slippers, trainers, classic wellies, a jacket , a few statement jewellery sets and of course a western bag! Now off you go, enjoy your awesome & well-deserved time out!!


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