Did You Know? Who will Style Hillary Clinton for Her Presidential Election Campaign?


Now this is a short news however the one worth sharing, as it’s just been announced! However influential one may be there’s one true statement available for them all: ‘First Impression Counts!’, in which case the way one looks is what speaks before one can even say a word.

Hillary Clinton is no exception from the old saying so to make sure some of the unspoken messages during her mega-life-important campaign will get a close-to-desired interpretation Hillary has reached out for help and you’ll find out from whom in just a sec, right at the bottom of the page! In the meantime enjoy scrolling through the earlier career pictures Hillary has been carrying in her media background since her early twenties:

At the end of the post, as usual, I’ll allow myself to release a few visions of my own theme a-la ‘What looks might suit Hillary?’, enjoy!























Have you already guessed.. the obvious?:) Then yes, you got it – Hillary Clinton’s Looks will be served to media directly by the US style icon herself – Anna Vintour! The press will obviously monitor this closely, in the meantime, as promised, I’ve got my own list of attires I’m guessing would suit Hillary, however my guess is there will be an ‘unspoken message’ her looks would LOOK to transmit, one of the most consistent messages being: CREDIBLE, as any politician absolutely needs to portray!

For instance you might have noticed that amongst male presidential candidates a distinct ‘weight’ is being layered over the one item many wouldn’t notice at first glance – the tie! Its colour and even fabric counts. Surprised? Anyway, enough of these now, let’s get to the fun part, all of these below:)


What Looks Might Suit Hillary Clinton_Bagstowear

What Looks Might Suit Hillary Clinton?

As you can see I’m drifting away from the black, dull and grey:). Getting slightly older doesn’t suggest it’s time to start wearing less juicy colours (some are ageless!) or less of a heel. I know, that’s a little daring, yet – it’s still just a ‘what if’ one, isn’t it? Btw, I’ve taken the bag image from Chloe’s AW collection. It looks as if it’s a mini, and yet – it’s a medium:) what a dilemma to have:))


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