Versace Sample Sale


Versace Collection, one of the plenty launches..


The Versace myth, as it’s often being referred to in fashion circles, has been centered on the idea of glamour and sexiness. It’s been its founder, Gianni Versace – widely known for his innovative fashion aspirations, who has first created a link betweeen fashion and rock’n’roll, art, celebrity, theatre & ballet. You’d wonder who’s continuing his brand lead, well you might have heard of Donatella Versace, the youngest of his daughters, who although hasn’t graduated with a degree in fashion design (it’s been languages at the University of Florence!), has still brought on her contribution in brand’s advertising campaigns (initially, in her early days), while now as creative director of the brand since 1997 is launching new collection as brand’s lead designer in her own right. So here you go, quite a story behind foundations, legacies and vision.

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