Agent Provocateur Sample Sale


Agent Provocateur Sample Sales

Luxury lingerie retailer Agent Provocateur was founded by Joe Corre and Serena Rees in 1994 opening its first boutique in Soho, London. Since that time Agent Provocateur has boasted a worldwide recognition of an iconic hoisery, swimwear & lingerie brand. Breaking new ground with every collection becoming one of few benchmark brands in the world of lingerie, it is a label that attracts confidence, sensuality and irreverence..

Agent Provocateur has developed a rarely committed & loyal following amongst celebrities and mortals alike, allowing its campaigns a world-renowned resonance. Who could forget the infamous campaign featuring Kylie, the launch of their bridal collection featuring Kate Moss or the Pirates themed collection featuring Helena Christensen?

Over the years the company remains committed to investing in creativity led by commercial guts in the world of beauty-making, allowing itself the luxury of remaining constatnly tempting and by all means extremely sensual..

Sample Sales haven’t been announced yet, however we’re keeping a sharp eye on any updates so make sure you check this page again soon..