Designer Interview: Introducing Hidee Handbags

Heidee Handbag - Introducing the Exterior Looks of Midnight Blue Model


Leather is the quintessential material of the luxury handbag – the more rare and supple the leather, the more desirable the handbag.. A fine leather makes the statement while its contents might cover no less of a mystery than the story behind sourcing the right quality and leather craftsmanship.

Every adventurous journey starts from a story..When it becomes a fruitful story it’s time for it to be shared with many. Caoilionn’s journey came from her idea of wanting to marry up the needs of many women while preserving their beauty aspirations: imagine hours of commute to work when getting a seat on the train, especially when travelling to London might not be a given, so that standing up on your exquisite stylish heels isn’t quite practical despite their obvious beauty. I’ve been there, you’ve probably been there too, quite often. What unites us? A plastic bag we carry our flats or heels in which we hold separately alongside a more beautiful bag where we just don’t tend to drop our shoes in.

What if there was one bag that would capture both: the right looks and their practical angle so that we could ditch the plastic bag away? I’ll share this: I’ve been wondering at first: could luxury ‘meet’ functionality and be able to still preserve the looks? I’ve come across Hidee Handbags a few months back when a mere visit of has been enough for me to sense their bags’ contemporary luxury, supple looks and yet appropriate dressing and versatility, made to meet the needs of modern women.

Since finding and approaching talented designers is one of my key aims I’ve reached out for a dedicated interview to Caoilionn Hurley, the designer and the true story-maker behind Hidee Handbag which boasts a unique product, holding a signature secret compartment.. After years of pattern and manufacture researches Caoilionn has come up with a product many stylish women would wish to hold in their hands these days: ‘the one beautiful bag that can carry beautiful shoes’!

The secret compartment, which I’m happy to show below in a few pictures I’ve made for you, my readers – is designed to serve that one need of carrying your precious shoes without affecting the shape and the beauty of your stylish bag. Before introducing to you the interview with Caoilionn let’s first have a look at the fine exterior looks of the Midnight Blue model I’ve chosen for this post below:


Hidee Handbag – Introducing the Exterior Looks of Midnight Blue Model


Hidee Handbag, The Midnight Blue Model


Wearing this unique fusion between form and function works almost as a reminder/reinforcement of the wearer’s own looks. It does work out the balance in a perfect harmony of the right look and the right environment, a functional door-opener for the wearer..What did I feel when holding it? I’ll start with one word: a smoothing and yet undeniable confidence:


Hidee Handbag, Midnight Blue, 2015



Holding Hidee Handbag, The Midnight Blue Model


Q&A: Let’s see how Caoilionn describes in her own words her ideal customer: Who is the Hidee Woman?

Caolionn: Hidee appeals to women who enjoy style and love options.  As a professional woman commuting in London I wanted a handbag that would work hard for me.
Sometimes women want to keep personal items in a handbag, sometimes a little glamour to transition to evening wear, sometimes heels.
A Hidee woman in Hongkong loves the compartment as she travels and likes to keep her jewellery safe and secure in the handbag.
Hidee has had great reviews from Mums who want to be stylish and carry the practical baby items!
I received an email from a lady when her handbag was delivered saying simply ‘I am in love’.




Q&A: Talking about trends and seasons: some handbags are timeless, some are defining the trends and walking side by side these for as long as these are made to last. How would you describe Hidee bags? Which occasions would Hidee bags define most?

Caolionn: Hidee designs are timeless.  The design values are classic and elegant. The design emphasis is on eye-catching minimalism. Hidee shapes have been painstakingly measured and sized to fit a lot in small to medium sized shapes.




Q&A: Hidee bags combine unique functional element within an undeniable high-end look-and-feel. Does functionality add value to premium accessories or there’s a fine line which when crossed might devalue the premium side of the product? If there is, how do you think you’ve achieved to serve both grounds to best suit your buyers?

Caolionn: Both!

The innovation element of the Hidee handbag allows every woman to carry a lot more in just one bag.  A handbag should enhance your silhouette, it should contribute to your posture and stature.  A single bag can do that – it is hard if not impossible to carry 2 bags and have a sleek silhouette. The Hidee secret compartment innovation means one bag should work for most women. What could be more premium than a handbag which is dedicated to elegance, style and your silhouette?!




You might be watching these days the popular House of Cards series. If you do, you’ll know what I mean when I’ll tell you that the house of cards was played well in my hands at that moment: it’s been fun to share the luxury look and feel of the accessory nearby – light and easy to maneuver! :



Hidee Handbag – Entices to Wear Luxury in a Light yet Playful Style…



Hidee Handbag – Feeling good, still playing..


Let’s now have a little look inside, you’ve been waiting for this moment while reading the lines above, now it’s time to receive your well-deserved reward!


Firstly have a look at this exterior durable and yet fine leather made to last:


Hidee Bag Locker – An Arty Execution..


The locker inspires a fine arty execution, perfect for holding secrets in.

Here it comes – the secret shoe compartment:


Hidee Handbag – The Secret Shoe Compartiment


Has it sufficient space inside to be the right host for your lovely heels? Oh yes, plus there’s an external zip which helps get the shoes in without opening the ‘front-door-locker’ (extremely handy to manage, especially when there’re so many items in a woman’s handbag, as you’d well know:), #wimb:


Hidee Handbag, The Secret Shoe or Jewellery Compartment


I’m glad to have been given the opportunity to introduce to you the unique Hidee Handbags and to share with you the tip on how to continue keeping your secrets well while on the go. Remember – Hidee won’t tell your story, it’ll be well-preserved inside its secret compartment:)



Nadya x

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