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Exclusive Escama Studio Giveaway

Whenever we’d run a giveaway there should be a suitable occasion preceding it and what’s enticing for us is when we realize that it is you, our reader who helps us see these occasions: you give us reasons to reward you. This time we’ve had our 1st major milestone reached on Facebook when we’ve recorded over 5,000 fans!

As a Thank You note we’re organizing our first summer giveaway being sponsored by the unique San-Francisco-based handbag and accessory company, Escama Studio (here is our recent interview with them where you can find out Why US celebrities choose to wear sustainable fashion and why their bags have won ‘Best Green Award’ by InStyle Magazine!).

Here’s what you have to do to enter , just follow these easy steps:


Exclusive Escama Studio Giveaway


Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and submit the link to your Instaram picture within the below in your comment so that we can easily find it!

In case you’d find yourselves gradually falling in love with Escama’s other creations there’s an Exclusive 20% Off Voucher code Escama Studio has shared with our readers: just use BTW20 at check-out when accessing their shop page here. The code lasts only a few more days so if you’ve got your eyes on some of their other gorgeous bags – don’t miss out the discount!

In the meantime, let’s have a sneak peak at a few party looks where we’ve got for you a few clutches, party bags styled up:


1. The Floral Dive Look:

Very light summery look, plus it’s a one-shoulder ‘teaser’, not to mention the green earrings are matched up nicely with the party sandals: what could be an easier choice for a stroll outside on a warm/hot summer day or an evening night out to help your lucky partner get his eyes glued to your girly yet classy look?



The Floral Diva Look, Purple Clutch to Match the Dress


2. ‘Totally Girly’ Party Look:

This look speaks up for its owner’s confidence as well as a look-out for a romantic night out. You won’t find here an abundance of summer bright colours yet the colour choices are all matched up ready to signal an upcoming expectation for a surprise: no wonder, ladies love surprises, especially when we think we’ve thoroughly deserved some!

In this outfit one can tell – there’s no reason not to surprise this young lady:)



‘Totally Girly’ Party Look


3. ‘Salsa Queen’ Party Look:

Here I’m seeing a coquette party-goer, leaving no compromises behind: possibly a workaholic by day and a let-me-recoup-it-all attitude holder by night. Well-deserved, too – wouldn’t you agree? In fashion terms: classic blue is often taken for a shade that is strong and reliable: because of its waterbourne qualities this colour often inspires a mysterios thinker, yet when matched with gold suggests a look-out for adventure!


‘Salsa Queen’ Party Look


Here you go! Now you’ve got a few ideas for a few occasions. How about what clutch bag or party bag has made you feel all-at-ease every time you’d take it out with you?  Now time to win a gorgeous prize, just follow the below easy steps:

1. Upload your ‘champion party bag’ on instagram,

2. Follow us there:

3. Tag your picture with #bagstowear & #escamastudio

4. Upload your link in your comment below.

Off you go! We can’t wait to find out who our WINNER is!

Remember, the winner will be announced this Saturday, 13th June @ 4pm!

Good Luck & Speak soon xx



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