Our Top 10 Most Stylish iPhone Cases

Whether you’re in search for style, protection, some proven functionality or simply a sense of a personal touch to describe that ‘other’ side of you – a new iPhone case may just sound right for a treat! So why not explore a few choices before going away to have some thoughts on your own:)?

I’ve had a look through this month’s magazines, checked out a few online blogs and news sites and have joined up a few of catchy choices which I thought were all worth owning or indulging:


Check it it out and if there’re any other highlights your end why not give it a go a boast and share around? Now let’s go ahead and scroll through:

  • Our 10th Choice (ranked by the ‘most wanted’:):

This sleek moulded open case from Knomo could well lead the chart of most functional iPhone cases: it’s custom-designed to help safely protect your iPhone 5 or 5s – equally suitable for both him and her, not to mention – totally appropriate in a business environment. Here you go – good luck showing it of next day in the office! Besides, it now comes with 50% discount: you can get it online for £14 instead of the usual £35:




  •  Our 9th Choice: diverting away from purely-functional and a Google-like-simplistic-yet-undeniable-doers we’ve come across the recent groundbreaker, an all-rounded fashionista of the iPhone cases – the lovable Moschino, showing off all quite different and yet incredibly tempting ‘enhancers’:




Now on Net-a-Porter for £95. Moschino though has also launched a pet-inspired line, too lovable to turn your eyes away from, this gorgeous cute rabbit comes now at £45:




Another Moschino creation – this time rather urban, welcome the ice cream ‘fashionista’ – all you have to do is to hold it tight:) :




Keeping up the fashion-goes-first route, here it comes another of this season’s latest revelations:

  •  Our 8th Choice :  H&M’s snake skin, now in stores for only £5.99:


Now if you’d fancy your iPhone case to match your physique, in this case – your notable..lips, here it comes – a lip-holder from Markus Lupfer, coming up on our 7th position, now online for £30.00:



If you’re up for a little ‘retro-touch’ scroll down to check out on this cute pseudo-recorder, a candy-catchy case from Marc by Marc Jacobs, climbing up to point 6:




What is it? Got a bit hungry? All you have to do is to turn your iPhone upside-down: slowly but thoroughly..Beware though, the donuts are hardly digestible, you may still rather go out for a proper dinner). Welcome this little creature – now at cafepress.co.uk for just £7.00, now in position 5 :


Few more to go before we hit the..icing on the cake! Now if your everyday looks almost like ..a holiday (who can possibly blame you?:) – why not add a bit of shouting-out-loud quirkiness to it, for just £17.50 at Cafepress.co.uk,:



  • Now just because none of us girls can get totally indifferent to Tiffany and its plenty of breakfasts alongside its windows, welcome our 3rd choice – the cute Audrey Hepburn iPhone case:


  • We’re now approaching..It’s getting warmer and warmer..either to feel protected or altogether safe we’ve now opted in for a much classy choice, this time from Not on the Highstreet, position: second to best = 2:



You’ve truly managed, since you’ve scrolled down up to here, so well-done! Here it comes – our all-rounded WINNER! (Perhaps not to every taste a number 1-er), to us it’s more of a stylish yet thoughtful match-up between past and present, style and functionality – all in all, the kind of product at the sight of which my mouse cursor keeps clinging almost asking to lead it through all the way to the check-out:):





Yep, it’s not exactly an iPhone case, it’s a quirky iPhone dock, yet frankly I wouldn’t mind carrying it with me – it’s that likeable!

Hope this kept you entertained, it certainly has been fun gathering it out for me:) Check out for more updates on bags and how to’s.




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