Which Backpack: Stylish, Functional or both?

Some bags are all about luxury, others about practicality. Now when it comes to practicality , little can beat the good-old rucksack.

The Backpack, or rucksack, is arguably one of the most ancient types of bag, used first in hunting when hands were supposed to be free for the hunters in search of prey in the woods.

The backpack has always been considered first thing – a practical item, not so much up for a style, especially since in modern times its image has been solidified by its use in the military. Often recognized through its khaki-coloured canvas with a buttoned flap to close it and two broad shoulder straps it’s been rightly seen as the all-carrier of all times:

Chanel: Runway - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2014

So when has it come in the limelight of fashion? The stylish side of a backpack has first come into sight in the early ’80s when in 1985 Prada has launched its first black nylon backpack collection: 


No wonder that transitioning from a predominantly canvas-made military look Prada’s black revelation became the ‘It bag’ of its time, influencing generations of imitations and varieties.

This fashion season is all but making a bet on the stylish side of backpacks with its vast variety of styles, colours and almost..moods, have a look below at this season’s latest discoveries:

Have a look at the fringe trend-setters:


A market-opener from  TopShop now at £100.

Another more aztec-inspired version – also accompanied by a coquette fringe from ASOS this time at £22.50 (now in sale, or else at the full price of £45.00):


The below item isn’t a classic fringe-beard backpack yet it’s named ‘Fringe backpack‘ – a rather sporty solution from a Swiss-based designer:


Another notable trend this season are metallic backpacks, coming largely in silver shades (some in gold:):

The below is a rather futuristic design from Giuseppe Zanotti:


A more colour-daring option from Motel:


Stella McCartney has come up with her own version of a pure white backpack:


Going into the whites’ area we’ve seen this season inclining steadily towards grids, here’s a catchy option from New Look:

Grid backpack - giveaway

These are of course only a few of this season’s newnesses, more of these would still continue to diversify high street stores’ shelves, yet if you’re in search of more don’t forget to check out online or drop a line/question if you’re looking for a second opinion. Until then – have a great week ahead!

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