Which baby changing bags?

Which Baby Changing Bags? That is the question..

After a good few weeks of desired holiday vibes here we are – back up in our usual writing shape ready to debate a new theme inspired by the ever-hyper-inquisitive ‘Back to School’ look & accessory hunters, among which the most active are our beloved mums: Which Changing Bag to Choose?!

So although this post refers to mums, as well as dads:), if you’re thinking of on-boarding in future the amazing parenting-life-wagon don’t pass this by, have a quick read through and as usual – have your say, promise – it would be fun!

Here we go – a few questions to answer today:

– Which Practical Baby Changing Bag?

– Which Stylish Baby Changing Bag?

– How much is TOO Much for a Changing Bag?

– What baby changing bags do celebrities wear? 

As a very fresh mum (since just a couple of weeks!) I’m looking through for some of the best answers to the above..And in all honesty – although bags are never enough in my wardrobe, I have to say I haven’t yet acquired a specialized baby changing bag, I’ve just re-purposed one of my favourite larger totes. Reason being: I’m still looking for the right bag to fit: the space for all my content (nappies, changing baby suit, pads, cream, bottles – 2 just in case, etc) , the style – oh yes, it has to be attractive, to suit the wearer!:) and the right price (so – how to find the balance?)..


Which Baby Changing Bags? That is the question..


My actions? I’ve looked through a lot: high street stores, retailers’ websites, designers’ websites, online forums such as Netmums, Mumsnet, BabyCentre, etc and fashion magazines (such as Vogue who have just recently written a  post about changing bags that don’t look like changing bags, assumption is – being too stylish:) – yet pricey, as the few examples below they’ve chosen to showcase:

Victoria Beckham Liberty Croc-Effect Leather Tote, £1,095.53:

A fine execution for a croc-leather effect tote, extremely fashionable grass green colour launched last year and well-expanded among premium designer brands such as Mulberry, yet as you see it comes at a price of a little over 1K mark. Both the shape and the fabric looks well-suited for working mums in their office environment yet there’re no product photos on Net-a-Porter’s product page to show the space and contents of this changing bag solution:


Victoria Beckham Changing Bag

Since I haven’t had a chance to hold this bag and sneak a look inside for its contents to decide on its practicality within the actual baby changing environment my first impression of it: lovely and undeniably stylish, but does it answer its practical need? not so sure. What do you think? is it worth for the purpose it’s been made for? or should the looks prevail? if so, would you buy it even though at some point you’d need to find another changing bag: more practical and less expensive to serve the needs for longer walks such as day trips, etc?

In any case, that’s the question you’d find coming across when wondering: what comes first – fashion or practicality? Or else – are the any such bags able to address both? The degree of satisfaction comes in silo as it’s subjective by taste, yet none of the suggested by Vogue bags seem to answer both of the questions, being more inclined to style, fashion. When it comes to fashion, here’re my top choices from Vogue’s list of changing bags:

Tiba + Marl Raf Quilted Bag, £120:

Baby-Changing-Bags-Tiba + Marl

Tiba + Marl Raf Quilted Bag, £120 available from September 2015


– Burberry Check Changing Bag, 537 GBP:


Burberry Check Changing bag

While the online product page still doesn’t come with detailed photos of the bag contents it refers instead to an item you can find inside for your changing needs: a mat you can carry and use for changing on-the-go (so that you can benefit from a branded Burberry changing, nice one isn’t it?:)

Some time ago The Telegraph has released a post on Pretty vs. Pregnant: the baby changing bag (searching for a similar answer), you could have a read here. Key take-away from their post appears: since this might be one of the very few accessories a mum would buy in a long time as baby needs would always come first – then the post suggestion is to go for style first. However, suggested brand choice seem to answer both luxury look and practicality requirements:

This Elizabeth Tote Bag for £199 from StorkSak was chosen the winner of the ‘Best Changing Bag’ in the Junior Design Awards 2011, and is still number 1 for Baby Changing Bags on Mumsnet:

Bagstowear - StorkSac - Bestselling Changing Bag - Elizabeth Tote

StorkSak – Bestselling Changing Bag, Elizabeth Tote


While its front shape replicates that of a laptop case ‘deceiving’ by its office-like-looks offers instead a practical alternative to on-the-go mums adding to its contents: adjustable shoulder strap, removable vanity case, pop-out bottle holder and wipe clean linings:

Bagstowear - Baby Changing Bag Bestseller from StokSak

Baby Changing Bag Bestseller from StokSak

So here you go – a few options to think about. However if you’re yet undecided, just like I am still, let’s have a chat on what’s best to choose at what max price. In the meantime, below are links to a few more renowned brands referred often for their changing bag solutions:

PacaPod – prices starting from 80 GBP (my first impression from product pages – looks extremely practical, I’d rate it 4 out of 5 stars for practicality and 4 for fashion) – looks like a balanced option for both!

Pink Lining – not the first choice for fashionista mummies, yet looks sufficiently practical. Prices starting from 69 GBP. Their flagship model – Yummy Mummy, well-known  now among mums’ communities.

Baby Mule – practical. Great for outdoors as it comes in a an elegant sporty backpack execution. Prices starting from 84 GBP.

As for celebrities, there’re a few bags coming up front line when talking about changing bags: StorkSak (claimed to have been worn by  Angelina Jolie, Ashlee Simpson, Rebecca Gayheart and Gretchen Mol : here, Gucci Diaper Bag carried by Halle Berry etc.

If my research has helped you with filtering your list – you’ve made my day, yet would be great to hear more of your thoughts on the perennial debate: style or practicality when it comes to baby’s needs first, mum’s second (no feelings of guilt please!:)

Yours, fresh mum,

Nadya @Bagstowear

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  • Samira Patel says:

    Great post, thanks for sharing the list and the links! I totally agree, choosing a nappy bag is not easy. I’ll go for the looks first though, even if the right balance isn’t easy to find especially uf you’re not willing to spend anywhere over £100 on it!!

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