3 Must-have Bags for Any Wardrobe

How often do you see yourself in a new look, new dress, new pair of shoes you’ve carefully walked across so many shops looking for the right ones to match your new style, your next favourite colour and yet you’re suddenly finding out that something valuable has been missed out from the big picture?
That’s it! That’s your bag! Then you have a think, a good one because unless you’ve got a few good matches to suit your many occasions, that one must-have bag missing in your wardrobe may cause the entire look-out for the new you to get started again! Oh yes, a few simple solutions for most looks you’d ever come up with would be most helpful. And yet, no one said choosing the right bag is a simple thing. 

The bag is at once the simplest and yet the most complicated of accessories. Why? Because you’d carry in not just your functional necessities, you’re also carrying in it – your emotions. No kidding. It’s simple because since like…forever it has served as a vital tool for living. It’s complicated  because the bag has survived through so many changes of trends, fashion styles etc. gathering its functional diversity in a genuinely bewildering speed. Finally, it’s particularly emotional because its sheer contents can disclose so much about its wearer, even if there’s not so much one can expect to fill it with, still it’s a game of choice where some variables remain simply iconic. I’m inviting you to make some choices and why not upload your own:

    1.  Going Functional – The SHOPPER BAG:
       Where would you wear it? No worries, just about anywhere unless there’s not a glam evening you’re going to to impress your second half. Here’s a few ‘how’s:

1.shopper bag


‘Make things as lightweight as possible – as simple as possible – as punchy as possible – as inexpensive as possible’. This was first aired by American designer Bonnie Cashin (1907 – 2000), a key figure in the ascending forward-thinking fashion of the mid-twentieth century and a pioneer of the ready-to-wear.

When in the early 1960s Cashin joined the NY leather company Coach she’s started to develop the 1st ever understated bags, designed to meet the needs of busy working women. These were never supposed to be fashionable bags, these were bags that were meant to be used, not shown – carried in crowded commuter trains, busy city streets, flung into supermarket baskets or tossed into the back seats of cars. And yet, the leather shopper became the undoubted star if the Coach range having since remained arguably the most functional bag produced ever..

2. Going Emotional – The KELLY BAG:


The Kelly bag has recommended itself as perhaps the iconic bag of the twentieth century – its combination of unrivaled simplicity and unbashed luxury makes it esily time-resistant. Its clean trapezoid body, graceful handle and signature-locking belt helps the Kelly bag carry its style relentlessly through decades to follow..


Few would know that despite its celebrity status the birth of the bag has been often related to designer Robert Dumas-Hermes (who has crafted the bag in the early 1930s), particularly due to its eminent practicality which gave it a special touch as a much-needed travel accessory becoming a must-have in the automobile age. However, in 1956 the lovably elegant Grace Kelly has started to showcase the bag on almost each of her public appearances next to Prince Albert of Monaco. Here it was – a golden opportunity so that Hermes has negotiated with the Monaco family to rename the bag in the princess’s honour. Please welcome the ‘royal’ Kelly bag:

In its modern view:
1. – The bordeaux Hermes bag.


In its conceptual stage – when worn by Grace Kelly:

The KELLY Bag2


3. Going Emotional – The CHANEL BAG:

Here it comes, the most-voted ‘go out’ bag of all times – the luxurious quilted shoulder bag, the only one which has become as synonimous with Chanel brand as those two other great fashion icons: the little black dress and the tweed suit – please welcome the renowned 2.55 said to be conceived in the early 1955:

Chanel Bag




That’s about all for the generic top must-haves. However, other few slots are to follow around: seasonal must-haves and most importantly since the prom season is just round the corner – you’ve got here the topic for the next slot:) Any other you’d claim must be added to the top 3? Would be happy to hear! Take care all and

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